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Assistance with Web Pages on Provide Net

Creating your personal web page

General Information about making a web page
Adding forms to your web page

Counters, Date and Time

Introduction to Counters
Option table for Counters, Date & Time
Digit-mania - we have ALL of these digits available for counters

Unsolicited Commercial Email - SPAM

Reducing Spam at Provide Net  spam-not.gif (1322 bytes)

HTML Reference Material

A Beginner's Guide to HTML is the standard primer.
Ian Graham's HTML Documentation is a well written manual.
HTML Quick Reference Guide has a summary of HTML syntactical elements.
Style Guide for Online Hypertext gives do's and dont's on document style.
The Absolute Resource from Webbie to Webmaster Comprehensive Guide.

More Advanced Reference Material

Composing Good HTML more on style and errors to avoid.
W3C - World Wide Web Consortium Official standards-making organization.

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