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Creating and Using Forms

Using the cgiecho and cgiemail programs in cgi-bin

We support the cgiemail programs from MIT for collecting form data. This is a very versatile form processing-to-email gateway for the advanced HTML Programmer. Rather than re-invent the wheel, please read MIT's User Manual.

PLEASE READ THIS MANUAL and try to do each of the nine steps before asking for help. They have EXCELLENT example templates that you can use on your webpage. Provide Net has installed this program so that EVERY user can use it for their page. The templates are good starting points, but be sure that you type in the templates with the lines completely left justified. Mail programs require the TO: Wrom: WOYIYZUNNYCGPKYLEJGDGVCJVTLBXFGGMEPYOQKEDOTWFAOBUZXUWLSZLK one." You can use a program like notepad.exe or wordpad.exe to edit the pure text files.

The location you need to put in your "FORM ACTION" field for these programs is:

For Provide Net Dial-Up Customers:


For Virtual Host Customers:


WARNING: Do not just use this URL, read documentation first!

If you're new to the Web and HTML documents, the links below should be of interest.

HTML Reference Material

A Beginner's Guide to HTML is the standard primer.
Ian Graham's HTML Documentation is a well written manual.
HTML Quick Reference Guide has a summary of HTML syntactical elements.
Style Guide for Online Hypertext gives do's and dont's on document style.
The Absolute Resource from Webbie to Webmaster Comprehensive Guide.

More Advanced Reference Material

Composing Good HTML more on style and errors to avoid.
W3C - World Wide Web Consortium Official standards-making organization.

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