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Reducing Unsolicited Commercial Email takes planning!

First line of defense: NEVER give your email address out to advertisers! This includes contests and other places where they collect your name! Your email address can then be sold and then you're going to get hit. If you get a spam message DO NOT respond. Most emailers are looking for validation of the address, they say to REMOVE reply message to this message, in reality your response simply validates that someone is reading that email address. Please act responsibly, spam is annoying and unfortunately not going away, yet we can be active about reducing it. Don't use spam to fight spam!

Another technique is to use a "spam-collection" email box that you give out to dubious sources. There are several services that provide free email boxes you can use for this, i.e. http://www.juno.com, http://mail.yahoo.com, or http://www.hotmail.com.

A further technique is to use the filters built into your mail reader. Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Mail and Eudora all have filters. You can have the mail automatically sent into your trash basket when you download it based on Subject line (for instance if it contains ADV or GET RICH QUICK, etc) or body of the message. Or for that matter by sender -- you could, should you want to, just create a list of people you'll accept mail from, and dump everything else.

We participate in CAUCE and ACTIVELY prohibit spam. We filter based on the Real-Time Black List and don't allow invalid domain names. We prohibit our users from sending spam and have terminated customers for violating our Acceptable Use Policy.

For additional ideas try: http://spam.abuse.net

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